• Air Force Museum
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Crafts Museum
  • Gandhi Museum
  • Gandhi Smriti Museum
  • Ghalib Museum & Library
  • National Agricultural Science Museum (NASM) in Delhi
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Welcome to Delhi

The Delhi has been a witness to the march of history in the Indian subcontinent. Delhi knows who came when, why, and how to plunder India but finally became part of it. Be it travelers, philosophers, traders, students, invaders or saints the heart of Delhi has always welcomed people with smile and positive expectation that this person will never be able to leave me.

Its welcoming tradition owns every vice you have and it polishes every talent you have. It can transform you into a visible "mod" but let you celebrate all your customs. It does not welcome you on the first day only but welcomes everyone every day. The morning schedule of people is welcomed by DTC buses and Metro stations. They take you there where you want to reach in no time.

The pollution ridden delhi has changed itself to a more sustainable and breadth friendly Delhi. So you can not escape its welcoming gesture. Delhi knows what is there in your heart and Its multicultural and tolerant way of thinking steals it. Delhi gives you not just bread and butter but garlic bread and butter chicken at cheapest price in the world and more than food it gives you job, shelter, neighborhoods, friends and your special one then your life is at rest and you can never leave it like the famous Beatle's number "hotel California….you can check out anytime but you can never leave…" . Are you prepared to take the risk of its welcoming you?