The city is as old as the Indian scriptures give us a glance into India’s backyard of history. Even Mahabharata has a geographical description of the area in vicinity of present day NCR. The Delhi has been a favorite as well as strategic location of the most of the invaders and so it remained the political, cultural and trade route capital of Indian subcontinent.

Delhi has many names and at least 7 times it has been patronized as state capital region by different kings in the medieval period. You will be surprised to know that the area called Mehrauli where the DTC buses with numbers 511,534 go, was also the state capital of Delhi sultanate. The region is ever expanding in its importance in the daily national life and from Old Delhi to New Delhi now it is becoming the NCR in day to day perceptions. To know Delhi more deeply one has to spend a life. There is no book and no documentary which can contain the Delhi in its versatile state of existence. It goes much beyond calling a multicultural historical city kind of setup. Delhi is just not old and new in a dynamic flux rather it is in a continuous state of evolution.

Delhi knows everyone but to know about Delhi is a tedious reality. Who predicted that Delhi will experiment politics in such a way that the traditional boundaries of caste and community will break down and class based identity will prevail in the Aam Aadmi politics. Surely Delhi is unpredictable and hence more difficult is to know it. No single market strategy functions here if a fool assumes that it is just another metropolitan setup like Hong Kong or Tokyo. The Delhi is just not bundle of worlds but a layer of bundles of bundles of layers. There is no limit to explore it. It has many faces and it changes next day and at the same time there are few faces who never change no matter what it is around.