Of course June of any year is not the time to visit Delhi unless you come from African subcontinent or you have the capacity to carry yourself in the burning fire of bakery furnace…haha dear don’t be serious about it. What it all means that we delhites are waiting for monsoons. Who generally visit Delhi around 1st of July? But barring serious visitors, one should visit Delhi in spring and autumn because one shivers badly even in winters. “Delhi Ki sardi” often invites the romance of Bollywood in its movies and songs.

The whole Delhi waits for 1 July when monsoon knocks at its door. Sometimes when it gets delayed it knocks the people out. Even it claims death tolls due to heat attacks. Then in the beginning of September the mood changes and it merges with winters by the October of every year. The December of every year is too cold that people shiver and titter badly. Everywhere one can see the fire lit and surrounded by many people in blankets. January is further peak of it and by the end of February you will the sun is not that good anymore.

March is the dawn of summers and may end is end of all limits to biting heat. June 24 is the hottest day here in north India. So guys it’s up to you in which period you feel comfortable to visit here. If you are a professional and visiting India to see business potential then don’t worry Pragati maidan is always full of exposes of all kinds and you will surely find what you are looking for.