The Delhi as a region has been the gateway to India from Westside and people, culture, ideas, goods and services have been travelling through this blessed region since the coming of civilization to this part of the globe. The culture of Delhi has been a composite culture since all faiths and cultural streaks were at a confluence here. Many attempts have been made to uncoil the composite strands of culture of Delhi. But despite internal diversity of origin and values, we all firmly believe that there is one common identity to all of us and it is “Delhites”.

The north India looks up to Delhi for trends in fashion and food culture. Delhi has witnessed many soft and weak moments when it was hit by communal riots and genocides as many political leaders did in 1984 and many times before and afterwards. The partition trauma was largely absorbed by Delhi and it is only Delhi soul who knows what went wrong where and why. There are small institutions and they have their own culture and the adjoining world has no idea about that. To name a few JNU, IIT, NSD, AIIMS etc have their own set of traditions and are acknowledged world over. There is perhaps anything left in the whole world culture which you type in Google search affixing Delhi and you suddenly see so many contact numbers and people specialized in that service available within a circle of 4-7 kilometers. Delhi has proven to be one of the most urbanized modern cultures of India with vast heritage to count on.