It’s a contemporary concept of market place where one can find all varieties of the world under single roof but not necessarily at competitive price. The whole NCR region has witnessed the mushrooming growth of Malls just in one decade which has become a representative feature of NCR-Delhi for the adjoining areas. People often want to visit to Malls while visiting Delhi. The growth of PVRs and Malls in single system has further attracted the crowds into these box like beautiful buildings who have given a different dimension to consumer market in India. Eg-Ansal Plaza, PVRs, Pacific are among the oldest malls of Delhi.

Fun Multiplex Private Limited – 48, 1st Floor, Opposite Janpath Market, Connaught Place, Delhi- 110001
Crown Interiorz Mall – Connaught Place Delhi
V3S East Centre Mall – 12, Vikas Marg, District Centre, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092
Senior Mall – 1/1, Shanti Niketan, Moti Bagh, Delhi – 110021