Delhi has proved itself to be one of the most urban centers on public transport with a web of flyovers, good roads with sodium lamps, efficient DTC buses transportation with mix of autowalas and with Delhi Metro as the lifeline of whole NCR. The Delhi Transportation reforms took place during commonwealth games. It has two airports and local transportation facilities are just a call away to you. The Old Delhi and New Delhi railways junctions are serving the whole of the region for instant connectivity to rest of India.

The transportation in Delhi thus takes place through Delhi Metro and DTC buses and rickshaws with E-rickshaws recently added but waiting for final legal certification. The private vehicles are around 30-35% of the total transport need of the NCR. Besides we have IGI i.e. Indira Gandhi International Airport. The Delhi Govt has planned for expansion of Metro and BRT (Bus Rapid Transport system).

The intra city transport system thus includes following road Transport system-
DTC buses maintained by Delhi Govt through MCD etc.

There is only one international rail service from delhi is the Samjhauta Express to Lahore.